People Are Losing Their Minds Over Kiah The Police Dog, For One Crazy Reason


A Pit Bull named Kiah arrived a the Kirby Animal Shelter in Texas after being hit in the head with a hammer. The story if the dog is really sad, as she suffer a couple of months from the serious damages. Now Kiah has recovered fully, and wants to give her contribution in keeping the streets of Poughkeepsie, New York, safe! Kiah the Pit-Bull was rescued by Animal Farm Foundation, who recognized she had the right stuff to make a good K9. She joined the Universal K9 program where she impressed her trainers with her skills. They said she was sociable and easy to train. The owner who hit her in the head, he was charged  for animal cruelty.


After a few month of intense training, Kiah is now officially a Rookie K9 Sniffer Dog at the Poughkeepsie Police Department. Kiah’s handler, Officer Justin Bruzgul, says “(If the dog has) the energy to use her nose and want to please her handler and do that working job, it doesn’t matter what breed it is.”

Kiah the police dog

As part of her job from now on, Kiah will be sniffing out drugs and people. The Kirby Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook, “So proud of our Kiah! She [is] setting the bar high by proving that pit bulls can make our neighborhoods safer, not more dangerous… Way to go Kiah!” The video below will provide the whole story of success of this hero dog.

Kiah is such an inspirational case of a Pit-Bull dog, and she found the best way to pore everyone wrong, for thinking that this dog breed is just vicious, and aggressive. Share this inspirational story with your family and friends, if you think it is worth it!

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