Passengers See Cat At Train Station Every Day – What It’s Doing There Is Unbelievable


Graeme spends his time lounging in the sun, taking in the sights and waiting for the inbound train to return in the evenings, where the cat greets his owner on her return from work. He seems to sense which train she will be getting off of in the evenings. Every day the cat can be seen sitting behind the yellow safety line when she disembarks from the carriage. He is a very safety conscious cat, which shows those who may be concerned for his safety simply have no cause to worry.

This cat who awaits the train on the platform in Melbourne has become somewhat of a famous landmark so to speak and many have called him simply rock star. Graeme seems to fit the rock star profile quite well, as he lounges around looking nonchalant just waiting for those who pass by to take notice. As he strolls over to the inbound train when Nicole returns for the day.

This is one special cat and he proves beyond a doubt just how much of a run for the money he gives any dog when it comes to being considered ‘man’s best friend’. Watch the video of the daily ritual the cat has when it comes to the cat seeing his owner off each morning and awaiting her return on the in-bound train. It will put a smile on your face for sure.

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