Paralyzed Cat And Dachshund Pup Are Best Friends


Watch this video of this unlikely pair of friends which includes a cat named Ruth and a dog named Idgie. They are the best of friends when you watch this video and Idgie never leaves the cat named Ruth’s side. You have to see this pair who seems to really value and love each other. These two have been rescued together and have been sharing the same cage ever since.

See this video of these two unlikely best friends who were found abandoned in a driveway. The two have been rescued by an organization called “Hollywood Hounds”. This is a great organization and they don’t want them to go anywhere but to stay right there. You have to see these two unlikely best friends and how they share everything it is really cool.

Ruth is the cat and Idgie is the dachshund pup who watches over her. Ruth the cat is paralyzed and can’t walk but looking at this video she can move around pretty good. Ruth and Idgie are named after some characters from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”. They say cats and dogs don’t get along but when you see this video it will change your mind.

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