Otters: Zookeepers Best Friend


A clip from the Otter and Owl Sanctuary in the United Kingdom perfectly demonstrates the pure bond of love being animals and their keepers. The seven adorable baby otters featured in this video are overcome with excitement at the arrival of the zookeeper that cares for them. They climb the fence, nearly toppling over one another to get to the keeper as quickly as possible. Their squeals of excitement express exactly how they are feeling. “You’re back! You’re back! You’re back! I missed you!” they all seem to scream out. The excitement of these little critters is hands down the best example of the attachment that animals feel for their keepers. It shows their love and devotion, just as a child for a parent. These keepers not only provide the animals with the food and shelter necessary to survive, but also the love, comfort, and protection that all living beings truly need. In a mere one minute video, these seven precious otters prove that all you need is love. And of course, extra boards at the top of the otter fences at Otter and Owl Sanctuary in the United Kingdom!

Watching these furry little critters scurry up their fence, shrieking out in bursts of joys, as their zookeeper approaches will warm even the coldest of hearts. It is purely magical the affection and exuberance these baby otters express towards their zookeeper. It is a simple message of the need throughout all species to be accepted, to be loved, to know that someone is there to care for you, that your basic needs will be met. Through the large market of videos that are online today, this one tops the list on its ingenuity to bring so much into such a short video. To express so much within such a limited amount of space is miraculous in itself. This video leaves all that watch it fully touched by the love and affection that seven baby otters feel for their zookeeper. Words alone will never be enough to express what this video so easily shows. One must simply watch it for themselves!

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