One Of These Toddlers Is About To Fall Off – But Keep Your Eye On Dad!


This short video footage is a collection of various action clips that showcase the omnipotence of caring dads only. It displays the powerful love dads got within them that can be able to deliver an obviously perishing child from a devastating situation in a twinkling of an eye. Imagine a toddler falling off from a high swing and before you let a scream the child is already found in the arms his dad. Some other kids escaped danger by the whiskers, when you see them going headlong to the ground but all of a sudden they get stocked in the air because daddy had caught them by their feet. Like an action movie, caption a saving move made by a super duper dad on a toddler standing right in front of a fast moving toy car.

Dads should never be underrated in anyway. This movie has proven that they are the best of super heroes any toddler can think off. They’ve got the swiftest reflexes to save their erring kids from danger even at the deadest of time.

To them, when it comes to saving babies, their pride, fame and prestige no longer worth a thing. You need to see the way these great men lower themselves and get on the ground irrespective of their status to bring their toddlers to safety. Hmmmm… What a save!

These are highly responsive moves mothers would find difficult, horrible and worrisome to handle. Yet these lifesaving fathers have got the pragmatic means in controlling situations of such sorts.

In conclusion, one can definitely admit that fathers are created, structured and established for such times as these.

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