One Hour After Swimming, This Child Dies. The Reason Completely Shocked His Mom.


Johnny Jackson tragically died after swimming in a pool in South Carolina. The ten-year-old appeared to be fine when his mother took him home from the pool. The boy took a nap and his mother noticed an unusual white and spongy material around the child’s mouth. She could not awaken the boy. Ms. Jackson rushed her child to the hospital. All efforts to revive the boy and save his life failed. The boy had died from drowning. He had swallowed too much pool water. The boy and his mother walked about a mile from the pool to their home. The boy gave every appearance of being fine. Ms. Jackson did not consider that the boy being sleepy after an hour playing in the pool was unusual. Ms. Jackson explains that when she checked on her son to awaken him that his face was covered in a white spongy substance.

Ms. Jackson received help from her neighbor Christine Meekins in trying to awaken Johnny. Ms. Meekins checked the boy for an eye response by opening his eyelid and saw no normal eye response. The boy had soiled himself in the pool and was very lethargic but these incidents did not appear to be cause for alarm to his mother. The child was examined by the coroner and the coroner pronounced the child to have died from asphyxiation by drowning.

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