Once I Was Shown How To Make This At Home, I Never Bought It Again From The Store


The man in this video is not even Amish, but thanks to his helpful recipe, you will never have to pay for butter at the supermarket ever again. All it takes is two minutes to watch this clip and you will be able to easily create butter, without even leaving the house. This clip will forever change your grocery shopping methods. At the onset of the video, the man will advise you to procure a mason jar and some heavy whipping cream, two items that are currently in most households. Following along with the video is incredibly helpful for those who are not experienced in creating their own butter. To begin, pour the whipping cream into the jar, filling it up roughly halfway. After doing so, be sure to close the lid tightly, so that none of the whipping cream is able to escape during the butter making process.

From there, start shaking the jar, as this motion will give the whipping cream a chance to become a solid mass. By watching the video, you are able to see how long it takes for the whipping cream to take shape and plan accordingly. Continue to shake the jar until the cream within begins to take on a yellow coloration. Once the cream begins to resemble butter, then unscrew the jar’s lid and check for chunks of solid butter resting among the liquid inside.

The next step is to grab a strainer and place it on top of a plate, so that you can pour your jar’s contents onto it. This allows the excess liquid to fall through the strainer, while ensuring the the solid butter does not fall out and stays in the jar. Once the butter and liquid have been separated from one another, you can remove the butter from the jar, wrap it up into a rectangle in a piece of plastic wrap, for safekeeping.

Your stick of homemade butter should look just like one you’d purchase from the supermarket. If you would like to make your own stick, be sure to watch this video and follow the instructions within. Once you learn this technique, you will never have to purchase butter from the store again.

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