Old Lady Stops In Front Of A Street Performer, But When She Looks Up? Everyone Is Stunned!


There are a lot of videos that go viral, and will have you asking why. This video is not one of them. This video is absolutely worthy of going viral, and it is a must see for people of all ages. Power Beat, a beat boxer and street performer was doing what he does best on the streets of Brussels. An old woman and her dog passed by, and this is when the video really starting to get interesting. There have been plenty of grandparents caught on video that showed their groovy moves. This older lady launches into one of the most epic dance scene that has ever been seen. She sways, stomps, and bends, allowing the music to take her wherever her body wants to go. She is in a pencil skirt and trench coat, which makes it all that much more hilarious to watch. A crowd begins to collect around her, and the old lady literally comes to life! At one point, the white-haired woman is on her hands and knees, dancing on the concrete. She drops the leash of her dog and everything.

If you have been looking for a reason to smile, this is it. It has been shared thousands and thousands of time across the Internet, and is on its way to going viral. The comments are absolutely hysterical as well, and you will want to read through a few of them to get a good laugh.

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