Okay, I Wasn’t Ready For This At All. LOL, Watch What This Cat Does!


The cat turns its back to the door and just when you think the feline is simply going to wait quietly, it begins to kick the door with one of its hind legs. While this is incredibly rude and impatient behavior, viewers will not be able to keep themselves from laughing their heads off at this cat’s bold maneuver.

They meow, they kick, they make noise, but all to no avail. These cats are looking progressively more peeved and are clearly wondering what they have to do to get a little bit of attention around here.

Would you like to see how this video turns out? Then remain tuned in into its conclusion, so that you can find out whether this resourceful kitty finally got the attention it was looking for. While it is probably not the best idea for this cat to continuously kick a door, it is too funny and you will probably laugh at the cat’s antics, in spite of yourself.

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