Now, Even THIS State Is Making All Welfare Recipients Pass A Drug Test Before Getting Benefits


In Ohio, a bill was recently introduced that would force all high risk welfare recipients to undergo mandatory drug testing. High risk status is determined by a number of questionnaires and screenings. In the event of testing positive for drugs, they would be deemed ineligible, but a child, spouse, or third party chosen to handle their finances for dependents would be allowed to receive their benefits. This policy would prevent tax dollars from going to drug dealers and cartels.

If passed, the bill will undergo a trial period of two years in select parts of Ohio. Programs to help those suffering from addiction will also be implemented so that instead of tax money feeding drug habits, it will go towards breaking them. Many Ohioans, including former drug addicts, support this bill, considering it a step towards reform for all impoverished addicts and an excellent form of help for their families, who must deal with their spending food money on drugs and watch them waste away their lives. Children, especially, suffer when their parents spend the money meant to go towards their wellbeing on drugs.

“A lot of these parents are out here feeding their kids one pack of noodles a day when they’ve got $600 in food stamps, and it’s all going in their arms,” said Tonya Dixon, recovered heroin addict and current welfare recipient. Dixon has spoken out strongly in favor of the bill due to her own background. She believes that drug testing for welfare would have helped her get off drugs faster. As is, she’s been clean for ten years.

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