Not Even Puppy Thor Is A Morning Person


Anyone who has children or pets knows that sometimes you’re just not a morning person. The Great Dane puppy Thor is no different. His owner thinks that it’s time to get up and clearly he doesn’t agree. But who can blame him? He needs his rest to keep on growing, and judging by his big paws he’s going to be doing a lot of it! Even his back talk is absolutely adorable, I doubt his owner can hold it against him! The call of the big soft bed proves to be much louder than his master’s voice to Thor. His human tries to get Thor out of bed, but Thor knows better, it’s still time to stay in bed.

Any owner of a Great Dane knows how hard it is to get those cuties to do something they don’t want to do, and Thor is definitely no different. His owner tries unsuccessfully to get the big guy out of bed and Thor reacts much like anyone would when they don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. He shifts his position getting more comfortable and covers his face with his big paws, even talking back to his human. For two whole minutes Thor insists that its time to stay in bed and his owner tries to get the big cutie out of bed unsuccessfully.

Between the wagging tail and the laughing tone in his human’s voice it’s clear that it’s all in good will for both of them. Regardless of who won the argument, whether Thor had to get out of the big comfy bed, or he got to stay snuggled against the pillows there’s no doubt their little dispute proves created an adorable video, that I’m sure was repeated quite a few mornings before and since.

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