Nobody Wanted This Dog. But This Guy Had To Have Him For 1 Amazing Reason.


Physically challenged people face a lot of obstacles in life. They have to life in a world where their way of doing things is different than other people. There are tools to help. There are wheelchairs to help them get around. There are appliances and devices designed to assist them in their day-to-day lives and they manage to function just fine. But there is one obstacle they cannot overcome. There is one obstacle that will forever impact them and get in their way. There is one obstacle that is determined to show them how they should live. That obstacle is people. People see people with physical challenges as damaged merchandise. They refuse to see that they are valuable, capable, intelligent contributing members of society.

Michael is grateful. He is grateful for the animal rescuers that try for life first. As long as there is life, there is hope. Of course, Michael regrets that Chance had to live through the accident. But he did live through it. Now it is all about the quality of life that Chance has. Thanks to Michael and his wife, Chance has an excellent quality of life. He is loved. He is a member of the family. And in their family no one is ever given up on.

Michael and his lovely wife have created a world where there are no limits. They have created a world where a person is valued for how their heart and brain works, not how their legs work. Chance fits in with their life and they cannot picture a world without their special friend.

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