Nobody Wanted This Bulldog. But When You See Where He Wound Up? I’m Speechless!


Each year this non-profit organization donates millions of dollars to assist companion animals with spaying and neutering. It also aids Petco’s fundraising efforts. Besides its newest documentary with celebrity pet parents showering love on their adopted pets, the Petco Foundation makes it easy for the public to donate toward its cause of easing the homelessness and over pet population concerns throughout the United States by adding opportunities for tax deductible donations. On any Foundation page or Petco shopping pages, the public is able to make a monetary donation. Petco and the Petco foundation also welcome donations of time and old mobile phones.

As part of their ongoing effort to educate the public about pet adoptions, Petco and the Petco Foundation regularly conduct seminars across the country. By hosting these events they cover numerous topics, including shelter medicine and creative adoption plans.

Petco and the Petco Foundation have found their “Think Adoption First” video, as well as their other programs have gone a long way in keeping their pet food donation centers, disaster preparedness efforts and other programs that benefit pets well known to the populous.

It is their belief that all pets deserve to live in a happy, comfortable and loving environment and educating the public about the alarming statistics about pet homelessness has thankfully gotten many people to respond to the needs of these animals.

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