No Wonder This Has Nearly 1 Million Views! It’s Too Cute To Miss!


Let’s face it: men have a certain reputation to uphold, one that keeps them from showing off their short side on a frequent basis. Men are often expected to remain emotionless, while the woman is expected to be more in tune with her emotions. While the more progressive sorts know that this stereotype is pure hogwash, it has not stopped this stereotype from continuing to persist well into the 21st century.

How else do you explain a video like this already receiving over one million views and counting? People are shocked when they see men showing their sensitive side and this clip proves that theory time and again. Even if you do not believe that men have the capability to appreciate a cute kitten, this video serves as evidence that will prove this theory wrong.

This man certainly enjoys this kitten’s company and judging from the kitten’s reaction, she is certainly enjoying having a captive audience. These two make for one heck of a duo and I could not stop smiling as I watched them laugh and play. Much like the Grinch, my heart swelled several sizes when I saw this clip.

There is no mistaking it: this man loves playing with this kitten and this is probably not the first time an event like this has taken place. From the start of the clip, when he gets down on all fours like a kitty cat and begins to stalk around, he is enjoying himself to the absolute fullest.

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