No One Believed Her When She Said What Her Cat Does. So She Set Up A Camera… OMG!


In this video, we see a girl proving a point to her friends and family through a video. Apparently, people didn’t believe her when she told them that when she was getting ready to go to bed, her cat jumped on her head and just rested there for a while. Can you blame her friends? I wouldn’t believe her either.

Since no one believed her, she decided to film it all to prove everyone she wasn’t lying. In the video, we can see that a few seconds in, while the girl is wearing an orange towel on hear head, the cat just decides to go for it and jumps on top of her head.

It’s also extremely cute for us to see the cat just laying there, on top of her head, as if he wasn’t doing anything wrong or naughty at all. Her head is probably just a pillow for him, a moving and vibrating pillow that doesn’t seem to stop no matter what. Still, it’s pretty clear that the cat loves it on top of her head, and wouldn’t give it up for anything.
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