NFL Player’s 2-Year-Old Son Belts Out National Anthem


In this video we can see little Trent Harris, a 2 year old boy son of the Bengals snapper Clark Harris and Jessica singing the national anthem for the Southern Regional High School, where a basketball game was taking place against the Pinelands Regional High School.
Clark Harris might be an amazing football player, but little Trent Harris clearly has the potential to be an amazing singer and performer. He is just 2 years old and he is already singing in front of a whole crowd, eager to see him sing. Provided his age, that is just an amazing performance, and who knows what he can achieve in the future is he is given the right opportunities in life.

Not only that, but it is also impressive that he already knows the national anthem at just age 2! To be perfectly honest, I actually know some toddlers that can’t even talk at that age, so knowing the national anthem is a pretty big achievement. Clearly, we’re not dealing with a regular toddler in here.

He might or might not follow in his father’s footsteps, but little Trent Harris is clearly going to have an amazing future if he keeps going like this. If we put things into perspective, we can see that he is just 2 years old, and already made a crowd cheer for him just by singing the national anthem – a lot of amazing singers don’t get that chance in their career.

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