Newlyweds Rockout The Classic First Dance. Their first dance is anything but ordinary.


Newlyweds, Yasmani and Heather Grandal surprised everyone, during their first dance together. The tradition of the first dance, took on a twist, with the couple, dancing to, classic songs from the, not so distant past. The songs in this video, will bring back some good, fun memories from the past.

This video is so much fun! This is what all weddings should be like, foot stompin fun! The newlyweds Yasmani and Heather Grandal, really rock it out and I love their selection of music. But, what makes this video so fun, is the dance moves, these kids have come up with! It Makes you, want to dance with them. Great idea, because weddings are somewhat nostalgic and traditional.
The selection of music includes everything from slow dancing music, Electronica, Backstreet Boys, Vanilla Ice, Country and old Rap.

The wedding is set in a beautiful building and the newlyweds, are surrounded in a circle by the guests. The bride and groom are dressed beautifully, his black tux and her, in the traditional white wedding dress. What is really cool in this video, is that the newlyweds have their Nike and high- top tennis shoes on, LOL! The pair also pull off some great dance moves! You need to check out these slick dancers. I believe they had a well-planned choreography. They start out slowly, with some country music, that sounds like, a traditional Bruce Springsteen song; “Hey Little Girl”.

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