Neighbors Hear Him Screaming For Help. Now Watch When 3 Firemen Show Up…


A group of firemen retrieved a boat. In order to use the boat they had to hammer away at the ice. They broke enough to launch the boat and then inch by inch they moved toward the freezing dog. They could not give up on the pet of the town. They worked as hard as they could to chip away the ice and moving the small boat.

They finally reached the dog and one of the firemen reached the dog and pulled his motionless animal into the boat. They moved the boat back through the broken trail they had created.

When they reached the shore other rescuers rushed with dry towels to wrap around the wet and cold dog. The animal offered no resistance as they wrapped his body.

Boo is a lucky dog. His rescue was a brave act by people who knew the value of Boo. Boo was not just a stray dog, he was a member of the town. He is loved and needed. Perhaps that is why saving Boo was never a question. As part of the town he was someone they would fight to protect.

Some stray dogs suffer the wrath of uncaring people. But every once in a while a dog wonders into a town where every home is his home. Yes, Boo is a lucky dog!
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