A Neglected Bulldog Was Stripped From Her Puppies And Left To Die. But Watch This…


Emma chose the name Rosebud for the English Bulldog because as she put it, like a true rosebud that blooms with lots of love and attention, Rosebud will also bloom in a home that will provide her the love and attention she needs.

The vet explained that aside from the poor nutrition the bulldog has received during the breeding process and after having the litters, her poor body had numerous parasites in her system and she was suffering from a stress disorder that had caused her to chew off the tip of her tail. The bulldog shied away from touch, cringing at any attempt to even pet her. It obvious this sweet English Bulldog had been subjected to not only neglect but brutality at the hands of her former owner.

Rosebud has made an amazing transformation in just three weeks. She is now at a healthy weight thanks to finally getting the much needed nutrition she needed. She has learned that not all humans are cruel and one of her now favorite things to do is cuddle and give kisses. Watch the heartbreaking and then heartwarming video and see for yourself the transforming power of love that took an abused, neglected English Bulldog on the verge of death and turned her into a loving and healthy animal.

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