After Nearly 11 Months Of Bucket List Adventures, Senior Dog Passes Away


Most of us have seen the Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman vehicle The Bucket List, wherein two aged seniors make a list of everything that they want to accomplish before they die and attempt to check off every last item before it is too late.

This story is about a dog who tried to emulate the plot of this movie. His name is Pooh and he wanted to fulfill his bucket list by going on a series of adventures with his loving owners. Over the course of 11 months, Pooh was able to cross each and every wish off his list.

Once the list was completed, Pooh passed away, without a single regret. Pooh lived a full life and made it to see 15 years old, which is ancient by pooch standards. Once he reached the age of 15, veterinarians diagnosed him with a deadly disease. His parents, Yuko Ogino and Thomas Neil Rodriguez, made the decision to provide him with a proper send off before he passed away.

Pooh was even able to make it to his 16th birthday before shuffling off to a better place. He left this planet on February 12th and those who knew him were fortunate to call him a friend. His farewell was bittersweet for his loving parents and they were heartbroken by the prospect of laying their beloved pet to rest.

He died doing what he loved most, cuddling in his mother’s arms. All of his closest friends and loved ones were by his side and it was a fitting send off for Pooh, an animal who touched the life of everyone that he met.

It can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to our furry children, especially when they have spent over a decade by our side. Just take a look at this image and try your best not to cry. Pooh lived a great life and he will certainly be a great addition to Doggy Heaven. The world lost a great dog, but citizens of the afterlife gained a new best buddy.


Rest in peace, old friend. Pooh’s impact will certainly be felt for years to come and he left his mark on the world he lived in, which is all that any of us can hope for. This fur baby was loved by everyone closest to him and his legacy will always live on in the memories of those who knew him best. Be sure to share away, everyone.


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