Navy Finds Missing Dog On Island… 5 Weeks After She Fell Off Fishing Boat


The dog in this video was out on a boat with her owner, and she fell into the water. Luna probably wanted to feel the water on her skin and jumped in. She had no idea that she would get missing. The owner was so distraught and tried severally to search for his pet, but all effort to initiate a search was futile. He had given up hope and starting mourning the loss of the German Shepherd puppy.
Luna went overboard somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and after all hope had been lost, five weeks later, her owner received great news that his pet may just be alive. Someone had spotted her on San Clemente Island, which is typically used as a Navy training base. This base was a two mile swim away from where Luna went overboard.

Her survival shocked so many people as they were aware that she had no one to care for her during this period. She was rescued by a naval official and was on her way back to her owner. She was medically examined and was declared healthy without any infections, even though she was a bit malnourished. However, she surpassed expectations for a pet who was lost at sea for five weeks. They were amazed at how she survived and wondered what she ate while alone on the island and a lot of people presupposed that she survived during this period by eating mice around the island.
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Her owner was ecstatic as he was going to see his pet again after losing hope of ever seeing her again. Luna showed that she could be a true survivor by fighting to stay alive and hoping to be found by her owner. Amazing right?

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