My Dog Does Yoga Better Than I


The video is funny on several levels. In fact it is hilarious.The lady straining and contorting in a vain and failing attempt to get her leg behind her head is just plain funny. It is funny because anyone that exercises regularly has experienced this kind of frustration and failure.

The dog is even funnier. The dog can do what the lady cannot with nary a problem. Animals imitate people to some extent. No one really knows why but people and dogs have been companions for over 9,000 years and copying human behavior may be a coping mechanism or a survival tactic for dogs. The dog does appear to have an amused expression on its face so it might be the dog just wants to show the lady that it is superior to her. The funniest thing is when the woman sees the dog pop its leg behind its head with ease when she just cannot do it. The lady bursts out laughing at the dog and herself and literally rolls on the floor in hilarity. This is a really funny short video that is obviously so natural that you just cannot help but laugh.

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