My Baby Was Choking! Then I Remembered The Simple Tip I Learned In This VIDEO.


Babies can choke on anything from edible to non-edible stuffs. While a mother can prevent her baby from putting non edible things in his or her mouth, she cannot totally prevent him/her from eating edible things like candies. So it is advisable to learn the tip and have it handy just in case your baby chokes on anything. Apart from that, choking is very dangerous as it prevents your baby from breathing properly. This could lead to death in a matter of minutes in an extreme situation where the baby’s breath ceases totally. Hence, the importance of learning the simple tip on how to save babies from choking cannot be over emphasized.
Whenever you discover that your baby is choking on anything, all you have to do is to put him or her on your legs or thighs while facing the ground. Then, gently give him a blow on the back five good times. He will either swallow the item or it will pop out of his mouth and the airway would be cleared. But if that does not work, then you have to turn him round and make him face the ceiling. You should now gently thrust him on the chest up to five times. This should clear his airway and the item that is choking him would pop out. But if this second step does not work again, you have to call an ambulance as quickly as possible.

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