Mother Cat Brings Her Kittens To Meet An Unlikely Old Friend


This mother cat is visiting an old friend with her litter of kittens and you won’t believe who it is. The old friend just happens to be this big old dog who is an unlikely friend. This dog acted just like an aunt when seeing the kittens for the first time. She welcomed the little kitties with open paws. Visiting old friends is one thing but when it is a species that doesn’t normally get along too well it is quite a sight.


This is a great study in animal behavior and shows that they have a capacity for compassion. This is such a fun video seeing these animals playing with each other. The way these small kitties are not one bit intimidated by this giant dog is amazing in itself. This auntie dog welcomes the kittens in a playful manner never really scarring the small kitties.

Watch the body language of this auntie dog it is stellar to say the least at the very beginning of the video. This is such a cute video seeing these cats and dogs getting along so well. The backstory is not very well-known but it seems the two were the best of friends when you see this video. The playful pawing is really cool with these tiny kittens so enjoy and pass it on.

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