Most Dogs Can Learn Many Cool Tricks, But This Dog? He’s The SMARTEST Dog I’ve Seen!!


Dogs can be trained to do more than sit on command and fetch your favorite pair of fuzzy slippers. Staying and rolling over are part of a dog’s repertoire, but the owner in this clip was not content to stop there. The dog you are about to meet is named Jesse.

He is a Jack Russell terrier who has learned a variety of tricks that are designed to make the life of his owner much, much easier.

You will be wishing that your dog was as skilled as Jesse by the end of this video and wondering why you didn’t think to train your dog to be as helpful as he is. From the beginning of his owner’s day, until the very end, Jesse is there every step of the way, being just as helpful as can be.

From waking his owner up on time each and every morning, to going to get the mail, to cleaning up messes, this puppy’s enthusiasm for helping is evident. Be sure to watch the entire video, as the list of Jesse’s chores seems to grow longer and longer. Some of the things that he is able to accomplish defy logic and you will be stunned at how a dog can be trained to provide this level of assistance.

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