Mommy And Daddy Had An Argument – How She Responds Has Everyone In Tears


Tiana is a special little girl who is warming to the hearts of everyone around her. This all begins when she overhears an intense argument that erupts between her mom and dad. This is something that happens a lot in all families, and usually this leads to stressful times. Much of the time families land up with problems in their lives with a divorce or separation on the cards. However, this is a very unique story which one can learn from.

Tiana is six years old, but one wouldn’t think so, in the way in which she deals with this problem in her life. She has the wisdom of a mature adult who is able to get through to her mom and captivate her emotionally. However, it is not only her mom who hears what this brave and courageous little girl is saying to her, but many others are able to tune in as well. Their hearts are touched in the process.

The big question Tiana is asking Mom is whether she is ready she is ready to reconnect with her Dad and become his friend and companion. It is important for her to feel as if her Mom is able to make an effort in their relationship. Her words are gently put, stating that she doesn’t want other parents to come into her life and for anyone to replace who she already has. She wants everyone to get on as if they are simply friends. This is a beautiful thing for a child to say at such a young age.

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