Mom Watches 2 Men Do THIS To Her Baby, But Seconds Later? WOW!


Nothing is more beautiful and more powerful than a mother’s love. This is true in the human species and also in the animal kingdom. But when humans have proven themselves to be the gate keeper to kindness animals know where to go when they need help. In a peaceful little village of Washington State lives a farmer and beekeeper named Jacqueline. Jacqueline believes that everything should be done with love and kindness. Farming is not an easy job. There are often hard choices to make and backbreaking chores keep life busy around the clock. Animals are a full time job. They rely upon humans for their care. Jacqueline has created an atmosphere for her animals of trust.

Early one morning in 2013, Jacqueline went to check on a cow that had given birth to a male calf less than 24 hours before. The cow was standing at the fence mooing as if to call for help. Jacqueline looked around and there was no calf to be found. Normally the sound of the mother mooing would cause the little one to pop his head up from any tall grass she may have laid him in. But he was nowhere to be seen.

Jacqueline and her crew set out to locate the little guy and found him in some tall grass lying flat on the ground. Alone and afraid, the calf did not move. The crew gently picked him up and brought the newborn to his mother. What happened next was amazing. The mother cow began mooing in an excited and urgent way. It was unmistakable that the mother cow was thanking Jacqueline for returning her calf. Watch the video to see her reaction.

In a world where people give little thought to the way they treat each other, it is a breath of fresh air to see people so full of kindness and compassion that they extend it to the animals in their charge. People have become so removed from the animal world. With farms and ranches being a minority to towns and cities, many people never experience the bond that can form between two different creatures. This is a wonderful tribute to human kindness. It makes one wonder, if we could return to a time where we treat our animal friends, with the respect they deserve, how much better off would we be as a society. We experience the bounty of their lives, yet seldom take a moment to consider the gifts they are to us. Without animals like the cow, life would be incredibly different. Contrary to what modern society believes milk is not made in a supermarket.

This video serves to remind us that we all have a role to play in the world. And whether we are dealing with human life, animal life or even plant life; we need to respect life!

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