Mom Thought It Was A Little Too Quiet, So She Walked In The Bedroom & Saw THIS


Mothers just know when something is not quite right in the house. We all have had the experience of being surprised by the “all knowing” mom when we are doing things we should not do and being just a little too quiet. This short little video is one of the cutest examples of what mom knows by instinct and how animals behave with small children.

Dogs are pack animals. They learned the behavior thousands of years ago. When you get a dog you become a part of the dog’s pack. You may think you own the dog but in reality the dog owns you. They make sure they know you are a pack member by rubbing on you.

Mom is busy working away in the kitchen, It is nap time for her child who may be two years old at most but things are just a little too quiet for a toddler and a dog in the house. The dog is not to be found around the lady as she works.

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