Mom Thought Her Puppies Were Gone For Good, But Watch Her Eyes When They’re Reunited


We’ve all heard it before. Dogs are stupid animals, people will say. They cannot show emotion, they do not have brains that are capable of processing and expressing sorrow. But for those of us out there who believe that dogs are people, too, people who have the ability to express themselves in ways that close minded people could never possibly fathom.

Dogs also have the ability to remember the people who touched them the most in their lives. While some will attribute what takes place in this clip to mere coincidence and others will keep their skepticism at bay and attempt to appreciate what they are seeing, the dog lovers among us may just end up bawling ourselves.

The dog that we see in this clip has gone a long while without being able to spend time with her puppies. They have already been reunited and the viewer is able to join a reunion that is already in process. There is simply no mistaking what the camera is able to catch: a mother with big, sad eyes, letting her tears drop to the ground.

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