Mom Tells Baby To Say “Mama” For A Bite Of Food, But The Hungry Dog Answers “Mama” Instead!!


I really can watch this video over and over again it is just so funny. This cool looking blue eyed dog learns faster than this infant but the dog is older than him. You have to see this video it will have you holding your sides from laughing so hard. The sound of the dog’s voice is so funny and entertaining. At first the dog sort of barks and makes whining sounds but watch this video to see what really happens. I could not believe what comes out of the dog’s mouth and you won’t either. The woman is feeding this baby something that looks like take-out and the mom is trying to get this baby to say “Mama”. Watch this video to see a quick entertaining video. It will have you laughing out loud and you will be wanting to watch it over and over again. I have seen a lot of these dog videos but I have to say this one is very entertaining and will give you a laugh or two. You want to relax and have some quick fun this is a quick video that will do just that. Sit down and relax and enjoy this great little video. This dog is so determined to get himself a bite of this food and he really does figure out a way to do it.

You will truly enjoy this baby and dog video and it will make you laugh. Check out this cool looking shepherd dog as he tries to talk his way into getting a bite of mama’s food. There is a funny part of this video where the dog starts talking and the baby realizes what he is doing and swings at the dog saying “get away from my food”. You have to see what really ends up happening in this video.

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