Mom Shows Him Her Ultrasound Pictures, But Even She Wasn’t Prepared For THIS Reaction


‘You’re going to be a big brother!’ The boy’s smile spreads even further across his face as he says ‘Is that your baby?’ He is obviously very excited and in disbelief! He questions it a lot, he’s happy but unsure, and it’s adorable! He wonders where it is and asks if it’s coming, mom says ‘It’s in my belly!’ To which he very adorably questions back ‘It’s in your belly?!’ ‘Yeah’, says mom. His eyes grow wider with excitement as he thinks about it and throws in, ‘Just now?’ ‘Just now’, says mom. Mom goes on to explain that that is where she has been today in her absence, the hospital. She explains that she has been at the hospital to have pictures taken of her belly. ‘I’m going to tell my teacher!’ says the little boy excitedly.

He doesn’t believe the fact he’s going to be a Big Brother!

The young British boy sure has a lot of questions for mom; you can tell he can’t believe he’s going to be a big brother! He’s very happy and excited but he’s full of questions! His favorite it seems, and the one he can’t stop asking is, ‘Is it really? Is it really in your belly?’ ‘Yes’, says mom, ‘it’s really in my belly.’ While he says he wants to see it and hear it, mom explains that they will be waiting awhile for either one. ‘We’ve got a long time to wait before you can see the kicks, he’s very small’, says mom. The little boy can’t stop smiling as he asks ‘Why have you got the camera on me?’ Mom responds with, ‘I wanted to show how happy you are, are you happy?’ ‘Yes!’ He says.

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