Mom’s Paying Attention To Her Baby, But You’ll Want To See What Her Dog Does!


The Great Dane is mostly referred to as the gentle giant and is one of the best-behaved dogs in the dog world. Apart from being a giant, the dog is a very sweet, affectionate animal and they particularly love children. This gentle giant was bred to hunt the wild boar, but the bark of the Great Dane can only scare a burglar. Everyone who has one of these pets knows that they are too peaceful to hurt anyone and get along with both animals and humans. The huge body of the dogs presents problems as they can knock over everything in a small space since they are very energetic.
Just like many other big sized animals, the Great Danes are short-lived, and it may be a bit costly to care for them considering their large size. They require larger collars, a lot of veterinary care, a lot of food and heartworm preventive. They will also need a larger crate to hold them, and the owner may have to scoop a lot of poop. The dog also has a special diet because of its size which has to be followed precisely else the pet may develop orthopedic issues.

The Great Dane in this video is also a sweet and loveable creature who just wants some attention from his owner. Just like children, these pets love to be given attention, and when they are not given the attention, they try to get it by any means possible. The dog is wondering why the new baby gets more attention than him since he has been there before the baby.

The owner comes down and sits on the ground to play with her new baby, and the dog stood by the side hoping to get some attention. After waiting for a few seconds and none was forthcoming, he decided to get the attention by all means. He begins by playing with the baby’s temporary crib in the living room, hoping to get some attention. His owner tries to pacify him a little and goes back to giving attention to the baby. The dog doesn’t feel satisfied with this and goes back to his original plan of disturbing the fun till he is noticed. When he plays with his owner’s hair, she moves but doesn’t give him attention and he heads for the person she’s giving, the baby. He tickles the baby’s legs, and this earns him some attention and he raises his legs to play with her, and she obliges him for a short while and goes back to the baby.

The dog plays the old trick again and goes back to tickling the baby on his foot, and the mummy reacts by holding him on the leg. The Great Dane then puts all his weight on his owner, and she falls on the ground and plays with him for a short while once more.

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