Mom Knows He’s Hiding Something – How He “Confesses” Made Even Her Burst Out Laughing


How would you react if your dog did this? Would you be able to stay mad at them for too long? Especially if they had that sweet yet sad look of guilt on their face? Could you get upset with those cute and adorable puppy dog eyes they give you? Chase is cute and hilarious as he tries to hide his crime from his mom. Dogs are very perceptive animals and Chase proves that with this video! What is even more amazing is how this dog shows us that all animals have their own personality.

Hopefully the mother of this cute and adorable dog found him something to snack on. Humans love having something to snack on! It’s not surprising that this dog decided to take it upon himself to grab something yummy to eat! How cute is that? You can see in his eyes, that Chase doesn’t want to disappoint his mom! Fessing up to his crime is his way of saying sorry! It’s even cuter that he did this after his mom tells him that he is a good boy. There was no way he was going to keep this a secret for too long.

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