Mom Is Bound To A Wheelchair – The Entire Room Was In Tears When The Groom Did THIS


The bride was trying to keep her make-up from running on her special day but was overcome by emotion. Her bridal party surrounds her to extend comfort and friendship. She must be thinking of how lucky she is to have just married a man that treats his mother this way. That may just be a glimpse into her future. A man next to her in the crowd tries to console her and get her to relax but is rebuff by her. He does get one friendly stroke in before she puts distance between them. This remarkable young man starts to sheds tears for his mother who has lost all control of the onslaught of emotion. He still smiles and holds it together while the tears stream down his face. The tissue is not big enough but does explain why people bring tissues to weddings. This overwhelmingly caring gesture does not go unnoticed by anyone in the group. It is plain to see that Luke is not only going to be a great husband but would make any mother very happy.

At the end of the dance a gentleman brings a young girl onto the dance floor to give the mother a kiss. The young girl is wearing a white dress with a brown satin sash giving a hint to the wedding colors. There is a stark contrast between the colors and it is lovely. When you scan the audience of the dance a sea of brown is seen reinforcing that assumption. The mother’s dress is a shimmery tan/brown and appears to be perfect for the occasion.

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