Mom Heard Some Giggling In The Kitchen. When She Went In With The Camera… Wow!


Babies and dogs seem to have something of a natural kinship with one another, existing on the same wavelength and understanding each other on a deep, personal level. For this reason, among many others, parents love to have their children and choose a new pet at around the same time, so that their child and dog are able to grow up together and learn to love one another.

This dog and baby seem to be well on their way to developing an everlasting bond. They are becoming fast friends and this dog simply wants to teach the baby how to play. Her attempts to teach the baby how to play fetch are beyond adorable. While this baby might be struggling to learn the lesson, they are still having a wonderful time together, regardless.

Mothers are conditioned to come sprinting into any room at the first sign of noise. But the noise that was created by the baby and dog’s playtime was certainly nothing to worry about, as the dog was showing her sibling the finer points of fetch. Shockingly enough, the baby was able to pick it up fairly quickly. This baby is definitely a quick study.

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