Mom Cried All Night For Her Baby – But Nobody Expected THIS When They Saw Each Other


Any mother would understand the cries of Karma, a rescued cow who spent her first night at the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary crying out for her baby. Karma had been surrendered to the sanctuary but her previous owners withheld one crucial piece of information. Karma was a new mother and her young calf had been hidden from the rescue workers. That something was not right soon became apparent as Karma kept calling out and waiting for a reply that never came. Milk meant for her young calf was literally dripping from Karma by morning when sanctuary workers went to confront the previous owners. The owners had planned all along to keep the baby calf and fatten it for slaughter. By the time the calf had been rescued and brought to the Gentle Barn it was in such a state that it could hardly respond to its mother’s call.

The touching scene that followed the return Karma’s baby, Mr. Rojas was captured on video. Watching it will leave you wondering at just how deep a mother’s love can be and how clearly these supposedly “dumb animals” understand their predicament in the world of man. While humans serve as the caretakers of domesticated animals they are also their jailers. Unethical owners sometimes torture their animals and subject them to unnecessarily cruel treatment.

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