Mom Catches Dog Teaching Her Toddler To Play Fetch


Watch this funny little baby throwing and laughing out loud it is an awesome site. The little spitz dog is so patient as he waits for the toddler to pick up the ball and toss it. The mother must have been surprised when she came across this sight.

Watch this video as you see the dog teaching this toddler how to play fetch. The funny thing is the toddler seems to be catching on pretty fast. The two will entertain you as the two little buddies play on.

The little baby seems to almost look like a conductor in an orchestra as he waves his hands before letting go of the ball. This infant never seems to throw it, he just kind of drops it to the floor. All dogs might not be this patient and gentle.

This little dog sure is patient and kind to the infant just like a real teacher might be. This is just too fun watching them play together. These two are going to be friends for a long time. This is a great little dog to be around kids. Watch to see how careful the dog is around this toddler. They are having so much fun you won’t believe it. The video is just to cute for its own good. Enjoy this video and listen to the cute giggle of this tiny baby.

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