Mom Catches Her Twins Playing. Their “Conversation” Has Her Completely Cracking Up


Here we see two babies having what we’d like to think of as baby talk – not quite a conversation, but close enough! The silliness and candidness from these two beautiful babies is sure to steal your heart – one piece at a time. Just watch as they carry on for the entire video! How lucky is this mother of two!

From the day they are born, babies will begin with an array of sounds they use as language. The baby will spend his first years communicating by crying in the times that he/she may need something from you. In the first years, you will also see your baby smile time and time again when she is doing something she loves.

Most babies say their first words around their 1st birthday. Some will learn to walk before learning any words at all. Babies will often learn fragments of words that you may not be able to recognize at first. They will copy what they hear around them, and often times, will mix it with babbling. By the age of 2, most toddlers will know about 50 words or more complete with phrases and sentences both.

The beauty of these moments is that much of it is laughter and smiled filled. When a baby wants to express its joy, you are in for a real treat. These are among the cuter days of their childhood and among the moments you will never forget.

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