Mom Brings Her Tiny Newborn Home – Keep Your Eye On The Dog’s Reaction


Bringing a new baby into a home where a dog already resides can be a bit of a nerve racking experience. The dog may react adversely to the presence of a brand new living creature in their home and their actions may frighten a small child who does not know any better. The dog could also become resentful, since it will no longer be receiving the lion’s share of the attention from its family.

Even the most well behaved dog will lead an owner to wonder how they are going to react once there is a small baby in the home. Parents take great pains to ensure that their fur baby and their newborn eventually become friends and get along with one another, so that their child can have an immediate companion.

The family in this clip did not have to worry about any of these concerns one bit. The video you are about to see is a testament to the loyalty of dogs and their ability to adapt to new situations. There is no jealousy evident here, just love and compassion for a beautiful new addition.

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