Mom Asked Who Made The Mess. The Dog’s “Answer” Made Her Burst Out Laughing.


If you are a dog person like myself, you certainly know that your dog can pull a number of tricks on you that you never taught him. He doesn’t mean to pull them, he just does it and he doesn’t even realize he does that. Some of these tricks might be completely harmless, while others are just going to upset you since it might look like he doesn’t learn at all. Most of the times this is what happens: you spend countless hours trying to teach your dog something and then when you turn your back, he fell into temptation and he did what he shouldn’t do. All that training seems worthless.

Training our dogs is a necessity because they are animals that are used to life in the wild due to their nature and, as such, they have no idea how to live in our homes with us – they just act like they were in the wild. This means they are going to have absolutely no respect for your property, and that they are going to make everything their own, unless you teach them that they shouldn’t.

In this video, we can see three dogs that are ready to hear what their owner has to say. When she speaks, she asks them who did the mess she was angry at, and the dogs clearly didn’t have any intentions of hiding who the culprit was and, as a matter of fact, they just pointed the culprit right away.

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