Mighty Husky Is Trying To Eat, But Little Kitten Won’t Let It Happen!


If you have a cat then you already know that cats are very demanding. They want attention all the time, because they want everyone to notice that they exist. If you have a kitten then everything I said above still stands, you just have to add the fact that kittens are much more energetic. They are still really cute and adorable, while running around the house, looking to cause some trouble whenever they can.

On the other hand if you have a Husky you also should know that this dog breed is really energetic, playful, and adventurous. Huskies are well known for their playful skills, and for their sociable skills. Huskies are one of my favorite dog breeds, just because they are very happy dogs. They like to make new friends everywhere they go, they like people, and they are considered great companions for families. I used to have two Huskies, and they have been the best dogs.

The family who chose to have booth of these animals is probably a very happy family, and their life is filled with happy funny moments. Watch this video then

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