Melted Chocolate And Condensed Milk Turn Into Something SO Delicious You Will Start Drooling!


The chef advises letting the fudge warm to room temperature before eating because room temperature fudge lets the flavors explode in your mouth. Fudge melts just a little below the normal temperature of the human mouth so having room temperature fudge makes eating fudge smoother.

Presentation is part of the enjoyment of any food. All of the microwave fudge recipes have a great presentation. The blend of colors and textures looks as good as it tastes.

This video is a must have and must share for everyone that loves fudge and all chocoholics be they white or dark. You might be tempted to keep this to yourself because the recipes for making fudge are so simple and taste so good that you could make yourself the top fudge maker in your group of friends.

Do not be selfish with the fudge. Share this with all the people you know that love to cook but just do not have the time to make fudge and fudge treats from scratch. You can even share your personal additions to the recipe on the chef’s Facebook page.

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