Melted Chocolate And Condensed Milk Turn Into Something SO Delicious You Will Start Drooling!


Fudge can be a lot of work to make from scratch. Most people love fudge and you can do a whole lot of things with fudge to change the texture and add to the enjoyment of fudge but, who has the time. If you love fudge but just do not have the time in your hectic schedule to make it the old fashioned way this little video will show you how to make great tasting fudge in just a few minutes without baking.

Yes, you read it right, fudge without baking. The secret is in using a microwave. The technique has been developed by many chefs and foodies across the world to cut down on the time it takes to make great tasting foods. The idea is the less time you spend cooking the more time you can spend with your family or doing things you really enjoy.

This is the simplest and fastest way to make delectable fudge like fudge s’mores, cookies and cream fudge, and red velvet fudge that you will ever find. It takes less than five minutes to make the fudge batter because the microwave melts all the ingredients for you. The hardest thing to these great little recipes is waiting for the fudge to cool and then waiting for it to get to room temperature so you can eat it.

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