Meet Honey, A Sweet Pit Bull Rescued From The Evil World Of Dog Fighting


This beautiful tan dog Honey is in a better place now. No she isn’t dead she was rescued by some wonderful people at the Humane Society of Indiana. People need to be aware that dog fighting is still a problem here in the United States. Honey the Pit Bull Terrier was rescued from a dog fighting ring and she was getting older. This tan dog is still beautiful but she was not in such great condition when you watch this video. Watch this video and see how they rescued this beautiful dog. See how she had a whole section of her lip missing showing a big hole in her mouth. Honey was not so sweet when they found her in the backyard chained to her house. Lucky she responded to Chris from the Humane Society. It didn’t take her long before she warmed up to him and she was headed to a better place. Honey was part of a large dog fighting ring. Her mouth sure was in bad shape but you can see how beautiful of dog Honey is when you watch this video.

Thanks to Chris she is a happy and healthy dog. She was getting older and was being used as a breeding dog. Watch this video and support the Humane Society to help stop dog fighting and abuse from happening. When you watch this video you will see how sweet Honey really is after being rescued. Her name fits her pretty good I would say.

Honey is such a beautiful dog you will be so taken by her. Since she was rescued she is now a sweet dog and you will be so glad to see her safe. Watch this video and feel the emotions as she is rescued from some evil people. People need to be more aware of what goes on around them and report any suspicious activity. Luckily for Honey her guardian angel showed up to save her. Chris from the Humane Society came to her rescue.

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