Married For 56 Years, She Thought She Heard It All, But Then Her Husband Said THIS


As we watch this clip, we are introduced to Kim and Bob. Kim and Bob are a delightful couple who have been married for 56 years now, which should certainly serve as an inspiration to us all. This video exists as evidence of what will take place when you separate a happy couple and ask them their opinions in a private format. They clearly enjoy sharing their thoughts and feelings about the love they share and the life that they have built with one another. Not only do they share their feelings, but they also provide valuable insight about how they met one another and speak about 56 years’ worth of shared moments. If you think that their responses to the questions asked are adorable, wait until you see what they have to say when they are shown each other’s words. These are truly priceless moments between a long married couple and thanks to videos like these, we are finally able to capture these precious exchanges and enjoy them to the fullest.

Who among us cannot relate to Bob and Kim’s tales? Many viewers probably shared a knowing chuckle along with Bob and Kim as they both spoke about their trepidation upon meeting one another. Bob laughed as he talked about Kim seeming as if she would be difficult to get along with, while Kim spoke of Bob’s trouble making.

Bob was even bold enough to share the fact that he told Kim he would marry her within a few days of meeting her. In a modern society where people are often chastised for moving too fast, seeing a couple remain strongly in love after all of these years is a sign that true love still exists.

The truly touching moment occurs when Bob and Kim are each asked to describe their feelings for one another without the usage of the word “love”. They are then brought together, so that each of them can take a moment to view the other’s response. As Bob speaks about two becoming one, the emotion in Kim’s face is evident, as her eyes become moist.

When Kim’s turn arrives, she simply states that Bob has become a part of her, which causes Bob to beam. His grin when Kim says she can’t imagine her life without him is infectious. They are clearly each other’s everything and the connection between the two is one of the most beautiful things you will ever have a chance to bear witness to.

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