Man’s Tooth So Decayed It Is Sprouting Guava


When the dentist pulled the tooth there inside was a bright green, thriving, Guava sprout. The man was appalled. The man was disgusted. The man was embarrassed. He ran from the dentist office never to be seen again. Inwardly he cried, “Why? How did this happen to me?” The good news for this man is that there is a very logical answer. An answer that should leave him feeling a bit less embarrassed by his unfortunate situation. This man’s story, could easily have been any of our stories. Earlier in the week the man was relaxed on his porch eating Guava. During his pleasant snack a small seed broke away from the fruit and hid within the cavity of a tooth that had begun to decay.

As the seed snuggled in, it made itself at home, burying its roots into the decay that had been forming inside the tooth. Before the man knew what had happened, the seed did, what seeds are meant to do. It began to grow. The next time you have a nagging toothache, ask yourself one simple question, have you eaten Guava lately? In the meantime, check out the in depth story in this short video clip!

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