Man Sees Viral Video Of Dog Being Dumped — And Comes To His Rescue


There are few feelings that can rival the way we feel when we first bring home a brand new pet. Knowing that we have finally found a companion to keep us company during our darkest moments feels amazing, but there are some people out there who do not care about the welfare of their pets at all, tossing them aside, without so much as a worry or care.


We’ll never be able to understand what makes people leave their pets behind, as opposed to finding the proper home for them or taking them to a local shelter. The dog in this video was ditched by his owners unceremoniously and was all alone in the world, until a woman rode by him on her bike and captured video.

She initially saw a truck parked on the side of the road, before realizing that a small dog was also laying in the grass. The poor pup looks to be quite nervous and can you blame him? The animal went through quite an ordeal and was about to be living out on the streets. He had no idea where his next meal was coming from or if he would ever have a forever home to call his own again.

When the truck drives off without him, reality has set in for the dog and his face says it all. He is sad, lonely and confused, with no clue what to make of the situation. We cannot possibly imagine how awful it must feel to have the person you love most drive out into the middle of nowhere and drop you off like you never even mattered to them. It’s enough to make anyone sad.

Take time out to look at these videos, so that you can see this heartbreaking moment for yourself.

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Luckily, the videos were shared on social media and one man was inspired to find the poor pup. It took two long days of searching, but the heroic rescuer was finally able to locate him, bringing him home and saving him from one of the worst predicaments imaginable.
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The dog now has a new, loving family, one that would never treat him this badly. We are definitely glad to see that this story came to a happy ending and we hope that they are able to enjoy each other’s company for years to come. Please take a moment and share this post.

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