Man Saves Pelican With Fishing Wire Around It’s Beak


There is nothing more beautiful than watching the ocean’s waves as you carry about your day to day lives. The sound of the surf is relaxing and you can stroll along the beaches. Maybe you will see various birds of prey up above, searching for their quarry within the shoreline. Maybe they will be sunning themselves and drying their wings. If you are lucky, you might even see a whale breach of seals or sea lions playing in the surf. Whichever the case, coast towns have become more popular, and not only for the ambiance. Many people retire to the coast with a boat and fishing line to live a quiet life catching fish for their dinner, or even simply for sport.

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With fishing becoming more and more popular around the world, there are more and more dangers being introduced to the oceans and fresh bodies of water. Many anglers and/or boaters leave behind varying amounts of debris, which endangers the animals that they hope to catch. One such example is in the video below. Unable to open its mouth, the pelican would surely starve to death because of fishing line that was left. Most probably, it drifted underneath the dock or onto some rocks near the pelicans hunting ground and ended up wound up around its beak. Occurrences like this one are sadly not rare. There have been birds captured with soda caddies around their necks, fish poisoned with oil and other wastes brought on by large manufacturers, and even sharks that have swallowed vast amounts of garbage that was not properly disposed of. This debris affects not only the fish that we hunt, but the other predators as well. Without the balance which the ocean has maintained for so long, the habitats of the varying species is dying as well. The government is starting to block off pieces of ocean to people in an effort to preserve theses natural landscapes, but I, along with many others, fear the help has come too late. The damage cannot be undone, but it may be able to remain maintained. In an effort to reduce the damage that we do to the oceans and all the life forms that rely on it, people should use the proper equipment and only fish where the risk of tangling is smallest. With proper line in an open area, the line is less likely to break and be lost. Also, I recommend keeping a waste basket or something similar with you when out on the water to collect any extra debris that is found. If everyone lends a hand, there is no reason we can’t start to help the environment that we love.

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