Man Recording Dog At Beach Can’t Believe His Eyes When She Won’t Stop Digging Until…


Sheila, A Dog Digs A Hole And Attempts To Befriend A Crab At The Beach. Watch The Funny Video Here. Why Do Dogs Dig? Sheila deserves to win the crown of Miss Congeniality after this effort to make a new friend. She surely loves to make new friends and that doesn’t limit to animals of her own kind. Watch this funny video of Sheila digging up a crustacean with full enthusiasm at the beach and trying to play with it. Noticeably the crab isn’t pleased to be dug out from its safe comfort but Sheila’s effort to gel with the crab demands admiration from viewers. Every dog owner knows that dogs love to dig craters in the ground. They are instinctive diggers and for some breed of dogs, this digging exercise is known to keep them balanced. Understanding a dog’s behavior isn’t that hard if we know how to communicate well with them. One of the most common behaviors among dogs is digging.

This digging behavior tends to become a problem for many dog owners without proper understanding of the dog’s needs. Here are some reasons which will help you understand why your dog digs.

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