Man And Husky Argue Over Stolen Potato Skin, And The Reaction Of His Dog Is Priceless


Welcome to the case of man vs. wild. The plaintiff is a middle age man, slightly (or more so) overweight and very angry at the defendant. The defendant is… a …dog. Not just any dog though, one of the strongest dog’s to ever grace the Alaskan snow, a Husky. And not just a Husky but a hungry husky who just wants a good meal and a warm place to sleep.
Defendant, what do you have to say for yourself?… …Please note, the defendant has chosen not to speak English to in the courtroom. What say you, Plaintiff? Note, the hefty plaintiff (we’ll call him couch potato) is quite angry at his dog, who he considers family, for stealing food. The plaintiff will go on record saying he did yell “That’s my food, not yours”, one or more times. The video evidence shows the Husky whining in argument, pleading to the couch potato that it was his potato skin, so he had every right to take it.

The scene of the crime? The angry plaintiff’s house. It occurred one evening, in the area of the kitchen and led into the living room, where the plaintiff and defendant had argued for several minutes. The video evidence shows the witnesses giggling and laughing at the crime and ensuing argument. The very unapologetic Husky whales for more than a minute, trying to get in the last word. It appears as though he was excusing the act of stealing the couch potato’s potato skin from the stove.

The dog’s attorney states that the Husky was simply trying to show his disapproval of the man’s neglect to let him eat with the rest of the family (or whenever and where ever he wants). Is the dog innocent? Or is this husky merely crying wolf? After all, man’s house man’s rules. On the other hand, everyone deserves to eat. This could be a close case as both have equally valid points. It is you, the jury, who must answer the call to judgment. You decide, man or beast? Watch the video to see the evidence for yourself.


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